What Makes Us Different

Quality - Because we are not serving for the masses, the video on our site is of much higher audio and video quality than what free sites offer. If the audio quality of your event is critical, such as a piano recital or band concert, we will customize our encoding parameters to give you the best sound the web can offer. Our years of experience in A/V technology make it possible for us to work "under the hood" to make your video look unbelievable.

Turnaround Time - Our software automates every stage of the process: encoding the video, slicing up the clips, authoring the web pages, publishing it to the web, and notifying you and your friends. So, if your event is on Friday night, you and your friends could be watching video when you wake up on Saturday morning.

Service - While our technology makes the Quickturn product possible, we are first and foremost a service company. If what you see on the web isn't perfect, we can fix it right away. Since we control every piece of the process, we can make it the way you want it.

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