About the QTV Software


The software used by QTV combines a variety of open-source utilities to cut, transcode, and publish the video. These utilities are tied together with a combination of Bash and Perl scripts. While we typically run the software on Linux machines running the latest version of Desktop Ubuntu, we have successfully configured machines running Mac OSX to run the software. It is possible that a Windows-based PC could be configured to run the software using Cygwin, but we have not been motivated to try it at this point.

Future Plans

The number-one goal is to refine the QTV software so it can be released to the open-source community for collaboration. This will involve the following steps:

  • Convert the entire program to Python for easy maintenance and collaboration while adding more robustness and error-checking.
  • Write a GUI in pyGTK so that non-techies can use it.
  • Package it up for distribution on typical Linux distros and eventually Mac and Windows.

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